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The Impact Of Technology On The Manufacture And Disposal Of Vehicles

The use of Vehicles produces waste products that are dangerous to the environment. These waste products can be managed and removed from the environment for safe surroundings. It is important to reduce pollution of the environment. The pollution leads to global warming.

What to do to reduce pollution


The cars that are out of use are left unattended to. They cause too much pollution to the soil and air near the graveyards they are stored. Recycling the metals and parts from the disposed cars will provide raw materials to make better cars. It will also reduce the metal mining activities that eat into the soil, degrading the regions where the mining sips in. The rate at which people are doing mining is too high, making a big percentage of the pollution in the environment.

The parts that are hard to recycle should be disposed of in safe containers. The containers that will hinder the degradation of the parts protect the environment. There are instructions on how to get rid of the parts on the labels of the parts.


The cost of recycling the parts is very small compared to manufacturing of the vehicle. It is a matter of dismantling the spare parts, and melting them to a liquid state, that can be molten into other forms. After destroying the previous forms, the materials can be used as raw materials for other industries.

The cars use oil to run. There are better energy sources that are renewable, and can be incorporated in the mechanisms of the cars. The electric automobiles are faster and cleaner to the environment. Introducing this technology in all the car brands is a clear way of making movement easier.

Recycling factories

The factories that can destroy the engines of the disposed cars are very few. Investing in such plants will assist in cleaning the environment. The car manufacturing companies can invest in the necessary machinery to recycle spare parts.

Newer transport systems

Introduction of newer automobiles with bigger spaces will reduce the manufacture of smaller cars. The smaller cars cause a lot of pollution and few people can use them. Trains and other large scale transport system produces less pollution and moves more passengers and goods.


Reducing the waste products in the environment from the automobiles is a better way of insuring the future. Reducing the use of vehicles also has a big impact in saving the environment. It is you duty to preserve the ambient.

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