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3D Print A Model Car

3d printed carSo, if you’re into the whole thing with 3D printing, then you’ve likely seen how much of a difference that it makes when it comes to all sorts of things. You hear the stories about people getting new body parts and other various items because of the use of 3D printing technology. It’s something that is always moving forward, and it’s really interesting to see how it continues to change over time. The technology is something that is still new, but it’s always being improved upon. Someday, it will be inexpensive to have your own 3D printing technology in your home.

That being said, the auto industry has always been one to embrace the concept of 3D printing and how it could help to benefit them. They will print car parts and other items that they need in bulk for a much lower price than buying them straight out.  Ford has taken that whole thing to a new level, and they’re using 3D printing to give a ton of car lovers exactly what they’re looking for – 3D printed models of their favorite vehicle(s).

So, What Does This Mean?

Obviously, you still can’t 3D print your own parts to your vehicle, but you can print out little model cars, some of which are hard to get. The Ford Motor Company is leading the way with this, and since the website is currently live, it’s going to end up being really interesting what happens when it comes to collecting cars and models of cars. Since they can be almost ridiculously accurate when it comes to 3D printing, it will be an engineering wonder when they actually get done with this project.

All that being said, would you order one of these 3D printed cars? A lot of car enthusiasts, especially those who collect model cars, would say yes without even hesitating about it. Other people are, with good reason, worried about the cost that it may take.

Do you think that this opens the doors to a wide variety of other projects that Ford and other companies could take on? Will it help to make 3D printing a more common part of our world? And will it continue to help move the technology forward? And, if we were at a point where you could print your own car parts out for repairs, would you do it, or would you still go to an auto store?

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