Understanding How Technology Is Impacting User Driving Experience

From driverless vehicles to connected cars, technological advances are making waves in the car industry – both outside and inside the cars themselves. This sector is in a constant state of development, and this is readily apparent whenever people who rarely purchase new vehicles choose to do so after a while. Technology can improve the driver’s experience in a whole manner of ways, and it is set to impact the role and design of cars, and how we travel about in future.

When sensor technology was introduced, it had a huge affect on the automobile sector. The manufacturers that embraced this technology early on profited from it more than their competitors, with regards to sales. This technology worked in conjunction with camera technology to produce a safer experience for drivers, even if they were extremely absent minded. Primarily, this technology is used for parking, because it enables drivers to park easily or reverse, without damaging people or nearby objects.

Bear in mind that there are other sensor features in modern cars apart from parking sensors. There are also oxygen sensors and speedometer sensors — to name but a few. However, rear view cameras were able to solve the issue of helping drivers to know what is behind them, prior to reversing. These cameras saved many lives and they are now a standard feature on all new cars.

Another trend is lessening the vehicle’s overall weight. In part, this is done by using different materials. Over the last twenty years, the percentage of steel has dropped from forty-three percent to thirty-five percent of the overall weight of cars. In contrast, aluminium has gone up from six percent to ten percent. These figures come from the US Chemistry Council. It is also done by using lighter parts and components.

Connecting phones to cars wirelessly was not something that anyone considered doing, until smartphones were introduced and cars were installed with in car units. These days, virtually every car and phone made since 2010 is able to connect via Bluetooth. Drivers are now able to keep in touch with loved ones, friends and business associates more easily than at any time in the past.

Of course, this is just a small sample of how technology is impacting user driving experience. The list of different benefits that technology offers is becoming longer by the day, because advancements are being made at a rate of knots. This will ensure that driving becomes safer and more enjoyable for future motorists.

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