Auto Sales

Watching for Flooded Cars for Sale

flooded cars for saleOne big issue that has been coming up as a result of floods is one that many people didn’t even consider – that some of the cars that would be on the market, especially through people on Craigslist and other online vendors, would have flooding damage in them. Even if the cars didn’t seem to have a lot of issues going on with them, there could be damage and excess water in various parts of the car that make it so that these cars are not the sound investment that they could or should be.

That being said, why are people doing this? Mainly, because they can. Since there are a lot more ways that you can sell your vehicle without getting it inspected, there are a lot of people who are, essentially, trying to cheat the system and make it so that people are not getting anything out of their investment. Of course, some people may just have no idea as to how much damage the car has gone through, either, which is a problem in and of itself. Overall, it’s something that needs to be watched and taken care of promptly.

What Should I Look For?

There are a number of different things that you need to look for with flooding. Make sure that the car doesn’t smell oddly, and that there aren’t pockets of water anywhere when you open the hood or the trunk. Look around to make sure that nothing looks washed out, and when you turn the car on, you want to make sure that it sounds clear of water.

If you aren’t 100% sure, then ask if you can take the car to a mechanic before you purchase it. This is common protocol, even for used langley car dealerships, so you really aren’t asking for much here. Then, the mechanic can confirm whether or not there are actually issues with the vehicle in question.

In short, if you think that a car isn’t going to be right for you and isn’t going to be worth the investment for any reason, then you shouldn’t purchase it. How do you go about ensuring that you’re not purchasing a flooded car (or a car with any other problem, for that matter)? Have you ever been in a situation where someone tried to sell you a vehicle that wasn’t what it was supposed to be? How did you deal with it?